Weekly Horoscopes (October 22-28)

Weekly Horoscopes (October 22-28)


Dear Aries,

You begin this week with Aries in Moon, and Sun in Libra. This week you exeggerate your perfectionist manners and become obsessive. Questioning is a significant feature of your nature but you should be careful about how, in what conditions and to who you do it. You will end your introvert state and will intend to become quite active. You may start thinking of changing your job due to the changes and innovations in your conditions. Please avoid disappoinments through your logic behaviours. Try to avoid negative people around you and make an attempt to stay relaxed. Be attentive about your love concerns and do not allow anyone interfere with your relationship.


Dear Taurus,

You may start worrying about your future because of your ensuring nature. For this reason, you may put your focus on work more than before. It is possible for you to have unexpected meetings or deep research prior to partnerships at work. Your determined image will allow you to have a further positive state in others’ mind. You may need to repair the disconnections in your relationships and therefore make some short trips to visit your beloved ones. You tend not to start something new before you complete your current work. You may feel more sensitive to your partner if you feel any uninterested attitudes towards you.


Dear Gemini,

This week you have defficulty in recognizing the people you already know due to surprising actions. However, this will not effect your routine and therefore you can go on working consistently. Long term plans may bring you new offers of partnership which will benefit to your career. Some of you may have unexpected visits to foreign countries. For the married ones, jealousy may be a concern. And the ones who have an ongoing relationship tend to carry on their routines.


Dear Cancer,

You will surprise the ones around you by your definitely determined attitudes, and will no way give up. You may get faster in your career or your educational concerns. Some behaviours of yours may seem tough to people but you will demonstrate such affections towards the ones who try to prevent your route to success. In some work issues, you may experience some lazy ones’ omission from the team. Even though your friends will need your opinion about serious concerns, you may decide not to interfere with their private issues. You will feel absolutely happy to be with your partner and it will be much easier for you to solve any problems together.



Dear Leo,

You leadership skills are at the top point but you need to be careful while taking risk sor attempts to start new adventures. People around you may get surprised to see you take a few steps back from taking risks. You may have some crucial connections and start new partnerships this week. You may feel relieved to take some short trips so as to carry on your routine in a healthy way. The married ones may own a house or make plans about their homes. You seem to be passionate about love affairs and expect the passion you hosw from your partner as well. You may say no to the ones you just meet since you may find them physically fine but mentally not.


Dear Virgo,

Everyone is aware of how sensitive and attentive you are about your work. You will feel much more serious about your duties and responsibilities, and the ones around you will this strongly. Generally you do not favour listening to the ones around or asking for their opinions. But this week you may benefit from yor beloveds’ opinions and advice which will do you better. You attempt to discover hidden problems will lead you to carry on your routine in a healthy way. Some nice decisions may be taken  this week and you may need to be careful about the people you will meet. The married ones may need to stay alone to discuss their problems in details.


Dear Libra,

You may start receiving the products from the efforts you have made a lot before. You may need some trustworthy opinions and make some strategic plans. You tendency for freedom can increase and you may protest against press upon your actions. Your effectiveness will advance as long as you avoid unnecassary anger. You may have balanced and healthy family relationships and may wish to end breakups with your loved ones. You may talk on your delayed decisions about love affairs and the married ones may give up getting divorced so as not to affect their children’s psychology.


Dear Scorpio,

You are someone who loves social life and people. In addition you have a tendency to speak effectively and use your words in the right way. During this period you may meet new people and catch nice friendships. You will insist on solving problems and be successful thanks to your practical thinking and actions. You may need to receive some professional assistance so as to acquire a brand new pofessional look and image. Some of you may need family members’ opinions for marriage and the ongoing relationships may take a route to marriage.


Dear Sagittarius,

You are a great leader in hard times and your idealist side directs you to success as long as you are not overinsistent. In this period, you may tend to be extra brave and open towards people and conditions. People may get surprised to see such an attitude by you. Please do not mention the innovations you wish to make before you complete them since there are a lot of people full of jealousy about you. You may be helpful and this can make you accomplish your goals. Even though you trust your logic most of the time, please try to trust upon your instinct these days. You may wish to be open and speak about everything in advance if you begin a new relationship.


Dear Capricorn,

You terribly need security, safety, confidence and consistency. This attitude makes you a little tough in making new decisions during this period. You idealistic mindset and actions may meet serious welcome. With such a determined state, you may solve many of your problems. Some may worry about themselves since they are jealous of your determined image. Delayed appointments through short trips are possible these days. You may catch some lies of your friends. You may attract opposite personalities in love affairs. Family meetings may emerge for the ones who already have ongoing relationships.


Dear Aquarius,

You love smart people and spending time with them. You may meet some important people for work and tend to start partnerships these days. You may respond harshly to the ones who act like cheaters. You will relieved and free after some unnecassary people disappear from around. You are open to new ideas and catch new ones. Please be sensitive to the talks around about people. It will be better for you to speak directly to those related poeple for your kind and honest image. You may start learning a foreign language or at least doing some research about it. Mystery and distinct image effects you a lot in love affairs. You have a tendency to select extraordinary people as a partner. You may need to cope with a tough one these days.


Dear Pisces,

You may catch various opportunities on time these days. An innovative period has begun for you and you will comfortably reflect this easily around. Some delayed appointments and the generation of new meeting are possible on time. You do not trust people easily due to your past experiences. However, you may be lucky to meet trustworthy people and start nice friendships during this period. You may tend to carry out some unexpected plans and take some trips with this aim. You may also tend to trust people you did not before. Still partnership does not appeal to you as usual. You will receive positive new on your love affairs and the ones who just start a new relationship may not easily trust their partners.

Astrologer: Evrim Turgut